What You Should Discuss With Your Newborn Photographer  


When planning on having a newborn photography session, it’s always important to communicate with your photographer.

newborn photographerThis will enable the shoot to flow smoothly, with less conflicts and misunderstandings. The most important thing to communicate would be your schedule. There is an ideal age for babies that would make them very easy to pose. There are some poses and positioning that only younger babies can perform, so most photographers prefer to photograph babies during their first 5-10 days, when they are their sleepiest. When booking your Denver newborn photographer, preferable 3-4 months into your pregnancy to ensure photographer’s availability, be sure to disclose the details of your pregnancy, especially your due date, so that he has an idea when the possible date of the session is.

Another thing that you could tell you photographer is whether or not you have preferences regarding props and poses.

There are some newborn photography session ideas on Pinterest that you could reference, or you could check the portfolios of other well known newborn photographers like www.rachaelgracephotography.com for inspiration. You can list or even show your references and the photographer will see if it’s applicable to your baby, and so that he can prepare the needed props as well. If the baby has a sibling who can be included in the shoot, then that would be a big plus. Just inform the photographer and he would know what shots are appropriate for a hyper and overexcited toddler.

Probably the most important thing that you could disclose to your photographer would be if you have any limits or hesitations about anything regarding the shoot.

This is very important especially if the baby has special needs or conditions that need attention. Tell the photographer what you don’t want to happen and he will comply. Remember, the photographer functions under your watchful eye. However, it would be best to develop mutual trust between you and the Denver newborn photographer so that he can do his best in getting the photographs. In meeting your newborn photographer in advance, you are free to ask any questions that seem to bother you regarding the session, and the photographer will happily answer. This is to ease your mind and to prepare you for the shoot. Some photographers even send prep tips to clients, because we don’t want nervous parents on the set, and inform them of the approximate length of the shoot.

You can ask prep tips from your chosen Denver newborn photographer as well as long as you inform him beforehand.

Included in the prep tips would be how warm you should prepare the room where the shoot would be done. Normally, newborn photographers would bring heaters, but you can ask that during your advance meeting if they fail to mention that. You will also be asked to prepare food for the baby because there will most likely be frequent feedings in between shots. You can further ask the photographer what other equipment or resources he needs to enhance the experience and the outcomes of the shoot. To achieve good results, it’s a combined effort between parties.

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