How to Get Yourself a Suitable Wedding Photographer

wedding photographers WaterfordWe know that there’s a lot of guides out there telling you how to find a professional photographer. Yet, many of those guides simply address the characteristics of the wedding photographers Waterford without considering your limitations.

If money was not a problem, you would be hiring the most expensive and renowned photographer for most assured quality. But well, money, as a matter of fact, is a limitation and marriage is often one of the most expensive events in one’s life and is rightly so.

Setting your budget

It’s good to set up the budget that you are willing to pay for the party. Discuss with your partner how much each of you is going to set aside for the party. Make sure that you also plan it well with other aspects that will come after the wedding, such as house, car, child’s needs, etc.

You should also look up for a list of highest expenses in a wedding and then decide the amount for a wedding photographer. It’s best that in a wedding party, you set a flexible range of budget for everything, including your wedding photographer. Negotiation can take place and you might get lower or higher than planned.

Not neglecting quality

Just because you’re tight on budget, doesn’t mean that you should not consider quality as well. Have a balanced view of this. Start with finding a photographer you like at the highest budget limit and from there, the more affordable ones. Compare the benefits and packages that are included. If you want a reference, is the site of one of the best wedding photographers Waterford.

The factors that you need to compare are as follows:

  • Number of photographers
  • Length of coverage
  • Number of edited pictures
  • Inclusiveness of an album and number of pictures in one
  • Additional benefits you like

The number of pictures isn’t important as most photographers take much more pictures than is stated there. It will also depend on your coverage length. But the number of edited ones is important as they obviously look better after being professional edited. Usually, they edit only the ones that will be in included in the album. But there are some that edit all the pictures, but less detailed consequently.

Interview and get to know them

Get to know these photographers and how they usually work. From the portfolios, you can see their typical type of works and style. Usually, you would have looked on their online galleries before meeting them, so the next step to take is to ask for more examples for better comparison.

Getting to know them will also give you insight into the kind of person the photographer is and whether you’ll like his service. You might not like to work with someone who actually likes to keep everything under his order, for example.


This is the most important part of the talk. Negotiate the terms or ask for a customization. You want to pay for only what you deem important. There might be several additional benefits you can let go of for a price reduction. See if that’s possible. You can also, alternatively, tell the wedding photographers Waterford your budget and ask for a suitable customization for you.

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The Right Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Waterford

Ask about the delivery time tables that this wedding photographer you hired is willing to commit to.

wedding photographer WaterfordYou need to know what the schedules are so that you know exactly when you should be getting your photos, among a bunch of other things and products included in your wedding photography package. You don’t have to be embarrassed over drilling your photographer for the details of things such as this either. As a client, you are entitled to know when you will be getting the final finished photos of your wedding day shoot. It is quite understandable how excited you will probably be in seeing your final finished photos but your wedding photographer needs to handle and manage your expectations the right way when it comes to things like this. You need to know right out that this is the type of thing that he will really be able to follow through on in a timely manner and knowing his promised dates will turn out to be a particularly great start.

Engagement slideshow

Ask about a possible engagement slideshow that you can use during the reception party of the wedding. This really isn’t too much to ask from your professional wedding photographer, when you come to think about it. more than that, an engagement slideshow will turn out to make things so much more interesting and less boring because the guests will have something that they can look at and possibly talk about during the reception party of your wedding. It will be the perfect central or focal point. Most of the wedding photographers out there include this for free as well so it is all based on whether you are going to ask your photographer about it or not.

Post production

Ask about corrective services or post production in general. Post production is extremely important in wedding photography. Sure, you shouldn’t demand too much from your wedding photographer about the corrective capabilities of editing software programs in photography but the thing is, it can make your photos come out looking so much better. As a matter of fact, your photos will come out at least 5 times better if they go through corrective post production compared to when they don’t.


Confirm with your professional wedding photographer Edinburgh how you will be getting the proofs. You need to know whether you are getting it via a CD, an external hard drive, or a thumb drive. It does matter depending on the type of photos you are getting, what the file sizes will turn out to be, and so on and so forth.

Deposits and fees

Ask about the deposit and all of the other details surrounding it so that you know what is asked and expected from you at the end of the day. This way, you will get to make sure that you are always up on your end of the bargain and that you always pay your dues on time. This will help you avoid late fees as well somewhere in the process and you will see that you will save up way more money by paying early.

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