The Average Cost of a Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

Norther Ireland wedding photographerA lot of emphasis is placed on the wedding memories of a couple seeing as weddings are rare occasions that occur on a limited basis in the life of an individual. They are not like birthdays that are celebrated once every year. As such, the need to hold on to the special memories of this day is really strong.

For couples that want to hire a Northern Ireland wedding photographer but are a bit wary of the cost of it, we decided to provide an insight on how much they can expect to spend on this service. Contrary to popular belief that wedding photography isn’t cheap, wedding photography is only as expensive as your budget allows for it. You will be surprised at the rates that are available on the market.

A little background

According to a survey carried out on the amount couples are willing to splurge on their wedding photography, it was discovered that the average price the couples are willing to spend is £2000. However, the average price is also prone to fluctuations owing to the different economic situation of the couples in question.

If you move away from Northern Ireland to other areas in the United Kingdom such as Britain, Republic of Ireland and Scotland, you also have couples that are big spends willing to go with an average of £3000, £2500 and £2600 respectively.

Stats on hiring a photographer

Blair Weddings 2016 Annual British Wedding Survey showcased results that had 99% of couples saying they would definitely be going for the services of a Northern Ireland wedding photographer such as What this shows is that couples are very determined in making sure that their wedding memories are captured so that they can have something to fall back. It will therefore be very rare to come across a couple who would rather do without it.

Out of the 99% of couples getting wedding photography, 91% said they would prefer the services of a professional wedding photographer to cover the events of the day. The other 8% said they would rather save cost and get a close friend or relative to assist with taking photographs. The fact that 91% opted for a professional belies the fact that the couples do not take their wedding memories lightly. The other 8% might be more worried about familiarity and if paying an outsider to cover the wedding would really make a major difference.

On the issues of the style of photography they would prefer to have on the wedding day, a good 88% of couples did not opt for candid or natural but went for a mix of the two. The reason being that they felt a combination of both styles offered more diversity in the wedding albums and prevented the pictures from coming out as stage or too unprecedented.


From what we have explained so far, it is quite clear to see that couples are willing to hire the services of a professional Northern Ireland wedding photographer to cover their wedding day. However, they have a set limit for how much they are willing to spend.

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