How to Capture Natural Wedding Pictures

natural wedding photography What does it mean to provide a natural wedding photography service? One has to remember that aesthetics value to each of us is different. Trying to define natural to you would be useless, however, there are certain things that we can agree on and we want to help know what they are. Only by understanding what they are will you be able to capture something that your clients will love.

Natural means the picture is captured in such a way that people do not think it is scripted. It is very similar to capturing candid pictures, however, natural wedding pictures can also be done with the photographer posing them. It is up to the photographer’s skills to help the clients feel comfortable and direct them to act in the correct way.

Natural photography was never an official style, however, the essence of being natural is something that many clients seek. We know how there are many people who had their wedding pictures done in a very unnatural way. Not only that, it was clearly seen that the couple was acting and their smiles were not genuine. That is not how we want to capture our wedding pictures and definitely not what the clients want.

Make sure that you and your clients are comfortable with each other. A good picture can only be captured if the models and the photographer are comfortable with each other. It will make the model easier to listen to instructions and the photographer will have an easier time in getting the pictures he wants.

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During the consultation, be sure to know their reasons to choose the venue, what they like about it and what their aesthetic values are like. Each can have different ones and figuring these out will help you in choosing the right position as well as pose for the couples. Plan it properly throughout the day because the best pictures can be missed if you don’t carefully think about whether the time will be enough.

Make sure your camera is set to capture the light properly.

The best natural wedding pictures are captured under the light as it will clearly show the colors in the picture. However, it can also screw with the camera’s auto mode, which means, you have to override it and go with a manual instead. The bride’s dress is usually one of the worst for the camera to handle when it’s bright outside.

Review the pictures as you take them to quickly judge which part should be done better. This is the opposite of how you should work in the middle of a reception. You don’t review and delete the pictures while in a reception, but you may do that during the time you take the pictures around the venue.

Overall, natural wedding photography can be done if you have preparations and are able to make the clients comfortable with you. It’s really important to make them smile and act naturally around you as it will reflect on the wedding pictures you capture.

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