What It Means to be a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer KentDeciding on what you want to do as your career is big. It will define how you’ll live your life and even your habits and lifestyle. That’s how it’s like to become a wedding photographer Kent.

It’s a job that’s more than just about taking pictures and handing them to your clients. It’s a job involving thousands of dollars in every contract and clients always expect no less than perfection. It’s a job with big pressures, but also happiness should your passion is aimed at the right direction.

Inseparable from your camera

Becoming a photographer means that you need to be constantly rolling your camera. Picking it up once a month doesn’t mean you won’t get rusty. It’s necessary that you don’t lose your touch at all, especially when nearing the agreed date. Training is also necessary if you’re planning to use a new technique.

It’s also important that you remain familiar and agile in changing the settings of your camera and moving the focus. Arming yourself with a new and sharper camera doesn’t automatically means you’ll be shooting better pictures. It cannot happen if you aren’t familiar with your own camera and understand the limitation as well as strengths of it.

Attending a lot of weddings

You will be attending a lot of weddings and meet a lot of people. You’ll be frequently in a party you don’t really belong but have to work in. In those times, you need to always remain professional and carry your camera around the hall.

Determination and also getting used to the feeling is important. Before you commence on your first job, try to become the photographer of a friend’s or relative’s wedding. Get used to how it feels to stand and explore the hall a lot than usual.

On the other hand, you can also learn from a professional wedding photographer Kent like www.pennyyoungphotography.com. Working on an actual job under the supervision of an expert will help you get used to it faster. You’ll also learn a thing or two that can’t be learned from books.

Dealing with clients

The type of customers that a wedding photographer deals with is quite different from others. While photographers, like businessmen in general, wish for their clients to return, you certainly shouldn’t even mention it (unless you’re doing more than just wedding photography). Thus, your clients are always people with new faces.

Being able to get close to them and convince them of your skills from first meeting is important. You need to remind yourself that your clients are also people who’ve never done wedding photography before and are expecting your guidance as well.


A photographer’s job cannot be easily mastered with just a few days’ practices. It’s also something that requires you to work for a whole day on capturing the pictures and then weeks to edit and provide consultation. It’s obviously a job where you have to be prepared against all odds when you work because you don’t get to reschedule or do the whole thing again.

You need to be a wedding photographer Kent that is passionate about wedding and photography. Also, a photographer that is patient when faced with new and different clients every time.

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