Quick Tips to Kick-off Your First Indian Wedding Stress Free!

Oh yes, it can be.

EIndian wedding photographyspecially because many photographers will find the culture, traditions, length and everything in an Indian wedding to be overwhelming! But, you here, might be someone who is interested and want to even take the challenge of Indian wedding photography. If you already have the determination and ready to book your ticket, check out our short, but big important tips to stay chill and conquer the wedding; photography-wise!


It’s important, but the thing with Indian weddings is bride and groom is pretty much separated and family will determine more than the couple in some cases. You know that you are hired for the job, but you might want to know just how many others are hired for the job! They do not think of it as impolite, but rather, a guarantee that the party is captured well and all-covered.

Learn about the wedding

There are many things you need to note about Indian weddings, let’s start with time.

Time and length

Like any other eastern traditions, Indians believe in the best time to get married. Depending on the region, whether it is South or North, they can get married at any time, like, any time. It can be 3 in the morning of evening, so if you do not communicate about this, you are going to have to peel your eyes forcefully in the middle of the night.

And then, there’s the complex arrangement of traditions that they need to do from both side, together and even their family members. Some can go as far long as 4 hours, just the procession. With the party included, you can spend more than 12 hours a day; for three days!

Steps and what really is important

In a typical western wedding, 8 hours is long and to shoot thousands of pictures is common for one couple. But, as you’ve noticed that with increase in time, there’s an increase in the number of photographs taken. If throughout the wedding you have no idea ‘swaha’ is important, you will be spending endless time taking pictures of every movement they made. It definitely comes with experience when you’ll know the important moments to record and capture.

In Indian wedding photography, guests’ pictures are not to be missed. It’s not about random guest pictures that you take when going around the room; it is every each of them greeting and blessing the couple, giving gifts and selfie-ing.

Group photo

I think every photographer out there understands the pain and patience needed in gathering people for a group photo. In Indian weddings, which can be very big at times, there are more than 1000 guests attending and there many group photos you need to take; family members of the bride and groom (separately of course), friends A, friends B, and so on. The heat, the tiredness and time spent might just test your patience, so bring a coordinator or inform the couple to have their own coordinator so group photos can be taken faster and everyone can proceed with doing whatever they want with the couple afterwards.


There will be many sides of Indian wedding photography and culture that will surprise you even when you have previously known about! With time, you will get used to them and understand why they do something in a certain way.

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