Common Couples’ Worries: But I Hate Having My Pictures Taken!

Berkshire wedding photographerWe expect this every time we meet our clients for the first time. In fact, it’s not even surprising anymore. They’re not models or photography experts, so there’s no reason to assume that they’ll come prepared and pose according to how you want them to.

Some of the major factors that affect this are relationship level, your professionalism, and your attitude in directing your clients.


Since that both your clients know each other well and is, in fact, getting married, there’s no need to worry about chemistry. What you need to conquer next is your relationship with the both of them. It’s best that you first get to know them and direct the relationship towards a friendly one. This is also what made very successful.

Some people are reluctant to express themselves openly in front of people they are not close with. Such conservative people will need more effort to get close with.

Whenever the both of you have the chance to meet, do spend the time wisely. Let them consult and give advice as if you are talking to someone you really care. It would be even better if you can genuinely care about them.

Charging for consultation?

That’s a big no. Always make time to allow them to consult with you, no matter how often. This is part of the customer service and to improve your relationship with them. Who knows, they’ll recommend you to others because you were treating them very well and is eager to help anytime. Even before the wedding day!


Not everybody is photogenic. As a Berkshire wedding photographer, it is also your job to find the ‘perfect angle’ of your clients. They might not even know it themselves! Learn poses that are simple and easy to understand by your clients. At the same time, don’t apply mundane pictures just because they are beginners in doing a photography session.

Related to the first part, relationship, learn how to break the ice. Trying to get your clients to do a romantic pose can be challenging. It is because they are seen by only you and they have to get into the feel immediately.


Talent aside, making jokes can be hard for some people. Lots of photographers hide behind cameras because they were never skillful with talking and describing. But, if jokes are not your forte, you should try another type of approach! Genuinely listening and conversing with them at the initial meeting will melt the barrier slowly and there won’t be much ice to break on D-day.


As a wedding photographer, directing your clients is part of the job. As natural as you want to be, a Berkshire wedding photographer will have to learn one or two things about directing their clients.

If you have a basic reference for posing, that’s great. The next step is to tweak those presets and create a unique pose for your clients. Be sure to let them know what you want. “I want both of you to look at the sun.”

Build the mood. Start by posing funny and enjoyable poses. It can be running, laughing or simply smiling while looking at each other. Then, move on to more intimate and lovely pictures. While the awkwardness is long gone, your clients are also getting used to your directions.

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What To Know About Wedding Photography In Berkshire

You cannot do everything on your own.

wedding photography in BerkshireIf you are planning to get married in Berkshire, you really need to go through the motions of hiring a professional for your wedding photography needs. For one, you will be in the images. You can’t possibly take a DIY approach on something like this at the end of the day. you need to understand that there are a lot of things going on during the wedding and it would be next to impossible for you to get out there and aim to do everything yourself when it all comes down to it. There is so much more to wedding photography than meets the eye and this is something that you will need to deal with. This is the main reason why you should not be taking something like this likely. It literally takes an army of vendors in order to see a wedding come to light.

You will be highly dependent on the vendors that you end up hiring for the event and you need to make sure that you get to do something about it when it all comes down to it. You have probably stumbled upon some blogs out there wherein people are documenting their own weddings but you need to remind yourself of the fact that these people are fairly well versed with photography and they actually have great equipment to boot. If you don’t have those things working for you, then it would be best if you could just opt for a professional wedding photographer like instead.

Someone who has great editing skills.

You don’t have to worry about the thought processes that come along with the coverage of a wedding from a photography standpoint anymore. It can be a real pain in the behind to have to edit your own photos. You can save yourself from all of that stress and from all of that headache by opting for a professional to get things done for you instead. A pro wedding photographer will always push to deliver great touched up and high quality photos every single time. You don’t even have to explicitly ask for this. This is something that already comes with the package. A legit wedding photographer will never allow the risk of submitting completely raw pictures to you by the end of the photo shoot. This is not how the seasoned veterans operate. This is the main reason why something like this will really turn out to work in your advantage when you come to think about it. There will always be issues with the photos one way or the other and this shouldn’t cause you too much ire because in this day and age, there isn’t anything that technology will not be able to fix.

Someone who knows his equipment well

You are sure to really get someone who knows his equipment inside and out and this is something that is bound to work to your advantage all the time. You don’t have to worry about whether the camera is used to its maximum potential or whether the settings are set up the right way or not. A professional will get all of those things down pat and you don’t even have to stress yourself over it. you can just sit back and relish in the experience of getting a great wedding photographer on board with you all the time.

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