Photography Insurance: Why it Matters

Portsmouth wedding photographerInsurance is something that every Portsmouth wedding photographer should carry with them and let me tell you why. Professionals won’t let common risks like theft ruin their job. On the other hand, it can save a lot of pain for you as a photographer.

Insurance can help cover a lot of things, while it’s true that it’s not always the case that you’ll meet a big problem or incident. But by the time you do meet one, it’d be too late. Insurance is a preventive step any of us can take now.

Protect your property

Insurance can protect your gears. Property insurance can help cover your loss that pertains to the survivability of your business, such as your gears and studio. The amount the insurance company will cover can go as far as the additional money you have to spend in renting a separate studio if your current one is severely damaged due to a natural disaster.

As for how far the company is willing to cover for the gears that are, for example, lost from theft, it depends on the package you paid for. The more you pay, the bigger it’ll cover for you. This ensures that your business continues to go on even if unfortunate accidents happen.

Earn trust

A lot of wedding venue these days require you to have a proof of insurance to work at their place. This means if you don’t have one, venues are less likely to recommend you or allow clients who hire you to work with them.

This is also a great way to build trust in your client by showing them that you are well insured. is an example of a Portsmouth wedding photographer who owns a proof of insurance.

Protect you from legal fee

Professional indemnity and public liability will help protect you from the legal fee that you will have to pay whenever your client or a third party sue you for a loss or damage.

Professional indemnity protects you from any claim that you haven’t done your job professionally or as promised in the contract. These people will then have you pay the fee for being disappointed. The company will also help cover this for you.

Public liability will cover the legal fee if you happen to directly or indirectly cause property or financial damage to anyone or anything during the work at the wedding venue. Maybe you accidentally bump on a fancy statue and it breaks into pieces. The owner will then sue you and you’ll have to pay for it. You can claim your insurance in doing so.

Have a secured feeling

Let yourself feel secure in knowing that you are insured and don’t have to worry about major financial loss should unfortunate accidents happen. These things can occur anywhere, anytime and to anyone. You can never tell when it’ll happen to you or not at all, but insurance can help you make sure.

As a professional Portsmouth wedding photographer, you definitely don’t want to be halted by such minor problems. As small as the chance for that to happen, it does not eliminate it from being possible to happen to any photographer.

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