How to Get Yourself a Suitable Wedding Photographer

wedding photographers WaterfordWe know that there’s a lot of guides out there telling you how to find a professional photographer. Yet, many of those guides simply address the characteristics of the wedding photographers Waterford without considering your limitations.

If money was not a problem, you would be hiring the most expensive and renowned photographer for most assured quality. But well, money, as a matter of fact, is a limitation and marriage is often one of the most expensive events in one’s life and is rightly so.

Setting your budget

It’s good to set up the budget that you are willing to pay for the party. Discuss with your partner how much each of you is going to set aside for the party. Make sure that you also plan it well with other aspects that will come after the wedding, such as house, car, child’s needs, etc.

You should also look up for a list of highest expenses in a wedding and then decide the amount for a wedding photographer. It’s best that in a wedding party, you set a flexible range of budget for everything, including your wedding photographer. Negotiation can take place and you might get lower or higher than planned.

Not neglecting quality

Just because you’re tight on budget, doesn’t mean that you should not consider quality as well. Have a balanced view of this. Start with finding a photographer you like at the highest budget limit and from there, the more affordable ones. Compare the benefits and packages that are included. If you want a reference, is the site of one of the best wedding photographers Waterford.

The factors that you need to compare are as follows:

  • Number of photographers
  • Length of coverage
  • Number of edited pictures
  • Inclusiveness of an album and number of pictures in one
  • Additional benefits you like

The number of pictures isn’t important as most photographers take much more pictures than is stated there. It will also depend on your coverage length. But the number of edited ones is important as they obviously look better after being professional edited. Usually, they edit only the ones that will be in included in the album. But there are some that edit all the pictures, but less detailed consequently.

Interview and get to know them

Get to know these photographers and how they usually work. From the portfolios, you can see their typical type of works and style. Usually, you would have looked on their online galleries before meeting them, so the next step to take is to ask for more examples for better comparison.

Getting to know them will also give you insight into the kind of person the photographer is and whether you’ll like his service. You might not like to work with someone who actually likes to keep everything under his order, for example.


This is the most important part of the talk. Negotiate the terms or ask for a customization. You want to pay for only what you deem important. There might be several additional benefits you can let go of for a price reduction. See if that’s possible. You can also, alternatively, tell the wedding photographers Waterford your budget and ask for a suitable customization for you.

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