Covering Every Inch of Your Wedding

documentary wedding photographerTo some, style does not matter as much as the ability to cover everything that happened in their wedding. Starting from both the bride and groom getting ready for the day, the first look they had on each other, those tears shed by beloved parents, till the last dance of the night, you want them all captured.

This means you want a professional documentary wedding photographer. So far, no one has beater in doing the job. Here are some things you want to know before deciding your documentary wedding photographer and also the reason Catherine is one of the best.

She knows what reportage is

Not everybody knows what it is, not all photographers care to explain and eventually, not all clients are informed of what it is. Reportage is a documentary style of photographing. That’s right, this is what you’re looking for!

When executed right, it allows your wedding album to tell a beautiful story of your wedding with nothing left out. It leads people into understanding what is going on behind those pictures. Every one of them tells a line and together, it’s a fairytale of you and your partner.

She shows the proof

Lots of people take wedding pictures, put them in grayscale effect and go off telling people that they do professional reportage style. Well, now is the time that you ask for the proof.

Every professional need to keep a wedding album they’ve worked on to themselves as a reference for future clients. You want to know that she has done enough weddings and that they contain pictures that truly document the day.

She’s quiet and stealthy

Documentary pictures mean that you have to be as quiet and blend in with the place in order to not disrupt what’s going on. It is hard for photographers to not jump up or run to a place because they found a great moment to capture. This requires skills and great preparation to ensure that they are always in the right place to take pictures at the right moment.

They have to be bold and active, yet quiet and unobtrusive. That’s not easy, but if you hire the right professional, it’s what they do.

She discusses things with you

If you think that being a professional means she does not talk or ask a lot of you, you’ll want to know the truth then. True professionals want to know about their clients and try to get to know them on a personal level. They want to know what makes the both of you fell in love with each other, why did you plan the wedding in Spring, or why are you so obsessed with roses. These are all hints for them in order to know which pictures matter most and which part of the decoration deserves more space in your wedding album.

What’s even better is that she also wants to know the family. Who are your parents and what are they like? Are they the type to shed some tears on every touching moment or do they put up a strong front for their kids? What about your guests? Who are your best friends? There’s no doubt that in your wedding documentary, you want all those important people to be also included in it.

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