What To Do To Make The Family Photo Shoot Fun

Have lunch or dinner with the Jacksonville family photographer.

Jacksonville Family PhotographerGet this done before the shoot. Kids are a bit apprehensive around strangers. This isn’t something that we can do anything about. They are used to seeing the people around them on a daily basis and when you inject a total stranger into the scenario, they tend to clam up. The perfect solution for something like this would have to be for you to make sure that the professional Jacksonville family photographer doesn’t become a stranger around them. Invite him over for dinner or for lunch or something like that. This way, the kids get to know him or interact with him ahead of time so that once they get to the actual photo shoot, he isn’t just some other guy whose name they don’t really know. They get to be on a first name basis with him and this will make things so much better after all has been said and done. Make sure that the setting is relaxed and non committal and sans the pressures of a formal setting.

Pick out the outfits together.

You would have to coordinate outfits when you and the rest of your family are set out for a family photo shoot. It would be a lot of fun for the kids if you allow them to sort of rummage through their closets and pick out stuff that will be based on the kind of color that you tell them about. Give them a list if they can already read but they are still too little to read, walk them through the entire process. This way, they will be excited and they will end up looking forward to the session with the Jacksonville family photographer knowing that they handpicked their clothes in the first place. It is all about including them in the photo shoot and making them feel as if they have a say in what is about to happen as well. Be as inclusive as you possibly can and things will pan out for you and for the photo shoot so much easier at the end of the day.

Don’t force the smiles.

You will only end up with smiles that look constipated and look unnatural and this is never a good way to go for as far as family photo shoot is to be talked about so far. Make it more natural and easygoing by making the photo shoot light and something that you and the rest of the family will be able to enjoy. Think of the photographer as someone who is sort of like an outside observer. Talk to them. Make them laugh. That will be more authentic and will make for so much better photographic material.

Food makes everything better.

Pack a snack bar along so that they can just eat up whenever they get hungry. Food and drinks will always make things better whenever someone is feeling grumpy or not in the mood or anything like that. Bring something light and filling.

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